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HRM Safe Communities invites you to attend a Priority Setting Exercise

HRM Safe Communities Priority Setting Workshop June 7, 2010

This exercise will identify through community consensus the top injury priorities for HRM.  Participants at this exercise will review injury statistics and set the priorities for community action. 

A Safe Community is one in which people and organizations come together to do two things: reduce injury and promote the safety and well being of all its citizens. Safety is everyone*s responsibility and we encourage you to join us in setting priorities for HRM Safe Communities, with the aspiration of creating a safer community.

We need your participation to make this day a success. If you are unable to attend, it is strongly encouraged that alternate representation be sent from your organization as it is crucial to have all voices heard on this date. If you know of any  individual or organization who should be attending this event,  please forward their contact information to Jeanette McPherson, Coordinator, Safe  Communities  

Pre-registration is required for seating and catering purposes.  Please RSVP by Tuesday, June 1st to Jeanette at 902-490-6530 or email

HRM Safe Communities work towards reducing injuries in HRM, facilitating networking in the community and educating the public around injury prevention and safety.

Ismael Aquino, Chair HRM Safe Communities &

Jeanette McPherson, Safe Communities Coordinator

Julian B. Young  BA CRIM MPA
Coordinator, Injury Prevention and Control
Nova Scotia Department of Health Promotion and Protection

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Updated October 26, 2013